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About Desert Writers

Desert Writers is a community of writers helping, encouraging, mentoring and holding each other accountable so we can share our stories with the world. Our community has two types of meetings. The first is small groups of around eight members that meet every two weeks. Members of these groups submit up to five pages of their work for group review. The other members of the group offer suggestions, insights and feedback.

The other type of meeting is the monthly large-group meeting held on the first Saturday of each month. The purpose of these meetings is to learn about relevant topics and share information. Some of the upcoming topics to be discussed are:

• How to Find a Literary Agent
• Creating the Perfect Pitch
• How to Self-publish on Amazon
• What Makes an Effective Story
• Creating Memorble Characters
• How to Market Your Book

Being part of a writing community can be very inspiring. Wake up your muse by listening to other writers. Discover that you really can do this. Join Desert Writers today!

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